Kia Bongo

Kia Bongo is a class B truck produced worldwide under the leadership of the automobile corporation Kia Motors. Which, since 2000, thanks to the merger, is one with Hyundai Motors. This car model can also be recognized under the names Kia Bongo Frontier, Kia K2500 / K2700, Kia Travello if you turn to the automotive markets of the world. In view of the fact that such a vehicle in class B is also a cargo vehicle, this gives it an undeniable advantage over large-sized vehicles, which can be problematic to use in cities. For example, it is no longer a secret that in order to ease the traffic load on the streets of large cities, local authorities are gradually restricting the entry of large trucks during the day. This is where these irreplaceable hard workers come to the rescue.

This car can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from transportation to construction. After all, it is really possible to install a manipulator and other equipment on it. With a total load capacity of up to 1400 kg, even with the installation, it still has enough resource to transport anything.

Engine for Kia Bongo

Also among one of the most positive aspects, I would like to note the Kia Bongo diesel engine. Due to its long history of production, this car was equipped with engines that meet modern requirements. There are the following volumes of ICE Kia Bongo from 2.2 - 3.0 liters. But, the most modern models are worthy of mention:


At the moment, the domestic automotive market is filled with offers for the purchase / sale of Kia Bongo with various engines and bodies, this is due to the fact that they are becoming more and more popular both among individuals and entrepreneurs who are ready to use Kia Bongo for a wide variety of purposes.

In our store of contract engines and transmissions for Korean-made cars, you can always find and buy the necessary motors or gearboxes for your Kia Bongo car. And also order the installation or delivery of the requested spare parts in the shortest possible time. Working in dreams, you get not only serviceable units, a reliable supplier, saving time and money, as well as all the necessary documents for registering your car.

Types of manual transmission mechanics for Kia Bongo, K2700, K3000

  • Bongo 3 - M5TR1
  • K2700 2WD-RT10
  • K3000 4WD - RT10