Ssang Yong Actyon

In today's world, where only performance and appearance matter, cars from Korean manufacturers are gaining more and more popularity. One of these cars is the SSang Actyon, which has successfully established itself both in the domestic markets of South Korea and in the global automotive market.

Despite the apparent simplicity, it is worth noting that the Ssang Aktion is equipped with the best LED sections of its kind, in perfect harmony with the shape of the body, available in seven different colors. As in the case of other cars, restyling benefited Aktion. Today, the car looks extremely sporty and very aggressive, due to the lightweight grille, custom bumper and lowered air intake, which is much wider than other cars from this manufacturer. The final detail of the image of a sporty and easy-to-handle car are wheels, Diamond Cutting models, with a diameter of 18 inches.

The interior of the car is made of elegant black leather and can accommodate up to seven people, while the multimedia system responsible for navigation, equipped with a 7-inch display, gives the car a modern look.

Ssang Yong Actyon diesel
  • Diesel 2.0 -  664
  • Diesel 2.7 -  665


Undoubtedly  SSangYong Actyon engine  is a separate topic of conversation. As one of the most compact engines of its kind, it perfectly combines unbridled power and economy. To date, in the domestic automobile market, cars equipped with  SsangYong Actyon diesel engine  in the following variations:

  • Engine 664 (diesel 2.0 liters)
  • Engine 665 (diesel 2.7 liters)

In most cases, the best choice will be a two-liter engine with 149 horsepower, which is enough for a comfortable ride both in the city and beyond. The engine itself has a low noise level, which is felt well at low speeds.


Ssangyong Actyon automatic transmission
  • 5 stupas -  MB R 1632710901


Speaking of such a beautiful car as the Ssang Actyon, one cannot fail to mention the SsangYong Actyon automatic transmission, which is one of the best of its kind. Model MB R 1632710901 is a 5-speed AT, which is able to provide a smooth ride, by making adjustments to the driving algorithm, in accordance with road conditions, atmospheric pressure levels and the amount of fuel.