Chevrolet Epica / Magnus / Evanda

Chevrolet Epica is a category B light vehicle produced in a sedan body. Being the property of the automobile concern General Motors, it is produced in most countries of the world under the most recognizable Daewoo or Chevrolet brand, depending on the region of production. That is why this car is also well known as the Daewoo Tosca. Mostly in South Korea, under the Daewoo brand, this car rolls off the assembly line, because it is more popular there and is native to the local population.

Engine for Chevrolet Epica


According to Wikipedia, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the production of Epika was launched at the Kaliningrad automobile construction plant Avtotor since 2008 and stopped in 2012. The AVTOTOR auto manufacturing enterprise, engaged in the production of cars of various concerns by assembling from supplied vehicle sets, provided the domestic market with Chevrolet Epica cars only with 2.0 liter engine model X20D1 equipped with automatic or mechanical transmissions. six, five and four speed transmission models 6T40; Aisin 55-51AF33; Aisin 50-40E AF20; ZF4HP16 or manual transmission. Meanwhile, in the local car market there are Epics or Tosca assembled outside the Russian Federation. Under the hoods of such vehicles, you can see another type of engine - this is the Chevrolet Epica 2.5-liter gasoline engine of the X25D1 model. For the entire period of production, this car with engines of 2.0 and 2.5 liters was equipped with various automatic transmissions. Among which there are six, five and four-speed transmission models 6T40; Aisin 55-51AF33; Aisin 50-40E AF20; ZF4HP16.  Automatic Chevrolet Epica  6T40, is the only one from the AT list personally produced at the General Motors plant. The remaining types of transmissions are not a product of General Motors, the most curious of motorists will be able to find enough information on the Internet about the German company ZF, which manufactures components for cars of various categories, and the Japanese Aw - Aisin, which is one of the market leaders in the supply of transmissions.

Automatic transmission for Chevrolet Epica
  • 6 stupas -  6T40 
  • 5 stupas -  AW55-51AF33
  • 4 stupas -  AW50-40EAF20
  • 4 stupas -  4HP16