Chevrolet Lacetti


Chevrolet Lacetti is a modern compact car whose dignity can only be appreciated by buying it. After all, only the owner of this car has the opportunity to fully reveal its advantages and appreciate the pleasure that the manufacturer guarantees. And no matter how surprising it may be, but a small fraction of all the advantages is the availability and price of the Chevrolet Lacetti. Having made the decision to buy this car, you will be amazed at the huge selection of trim levels that are present on the automotive market.

Chevrolet Lacetti engine


The first models were released in 2003 and quickly gained immense popularity among motorists. Firstly, thanks to a wide range of body styles: hatchback, sedan, station wagon, this car could easily find its buyer with different needs. Secondly, the engine compartment was equipped with power units  Chevrolet Lacetti engine  1.4 liters F14D3, 1.6 liters F16D3, 1.8 liters F18D4. All three ICEs are gasoline and are specially designed by GM for cars in an affordable price category. Third, this machine is available from  Automatic transmission Chevrolet Lacetti  AW81-40LE ss7 or Chevrolet Lacetti manual transmission, which makes it even more popular.

In view of the ever-growing popularity of cars in this category and the possibility of selling it on the territory of the Russian Federation, General Motors decides to establish contacts with domestic manufacturers. Through negotiations, the necessary compromise is reached with machine-building plants and the choice is to start assembling the Lacetti from car kits at an automobile plant in the city of Kaliningrad - AVTOTOR. Here, since 2008, the production of the first models with a Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4, 1.6,1.8 liter engine started, which later became widespread in the central part of our country

Automatic transmission on the Chevrolet Lacetti
  • AW 81-40LE Ss7