Chevrolet Lanos


Chevrolet Lanos, Daewoo Sens, Doninvest Assol, Zaz Chance, Zaz Sens, Zaz Lanos - any of this long list of names can be called the GM car first introduced in 1997 and better known as the Daewoo Lanos. As can be seen from the names that this car received depending on the place of production, Daewoo Lanos has a very wide geography of distribution. The first models of Daewoo Lanos, as expected, were produced in their native country - South Korea. Then, as agreements progress between General Motors (a concern that includes Daewoo and Chevrolet) and other car manufacturers in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, etc. began to establish production at local automotive plants.


Nevertheless, wherever this car was produced, it was always assembled from the same car kits supplied by General Motors. As a rule, 1.3-liter engines are installed under the hood of Daewoo Lanos; 1.5 liters; 1.6 liters with manual or automatic transmission. In our practical experience, Daewoo Lanos engines have always come with an automatic transmission model 4T40E. But in the specialized catalogs of spare parts for gearboxes, there is also information about the installed ZF 4HP14 automatic transmissions, which has not been practically confirmed by our experience.

Lanos engine
Machine gun for Lanos
  • 4T40
  • ZF4HP14