Chevrolet Orlando


Chevrolet Orlando car in category B. It is the result of engineering and collaboration between the developers of the Korean branch of the concern General Motors GMDaewoo. Having managed to develop the base from the Chevrolet Cruze, they created a roomy family minivan that can accommodate up to seven people at a time. Embodying a large number of positive qualities necessary for a vehicle of its class, such as an ergonomic interior and exterior, as well as location in an affordable price category, it has become a real competitor for models such as Kia Carnival, Citroen C3, Opel Zafira.

Chevrolet Orlando engine

In the automotive market of the Russian Federation, various configurations are available to our buyers with Chevrolet Orlando engine sizes from 1.8 - 2.4 liters. Here you can begin to describe all imported cars, but we are primarily interested in those that were assembled at the Avtotor Kaliningrad Automobile Plant. This plant is engaged in the assembly of cars from the supplied car kits, which for the Russian market GM supplies one single version of the gasoline DOHC four-cylinder Chevrolet Orlando 1.8 liter engine with 141 horsepower. This motor model  F18D4  has established itself as a reliable and economical unit that can work stably in the conditions of domestic operation. Due to its positive properties  ICE F18D4 , can be seen under the hood and other Chevrolet cars

In the case when the Cherolet Orlando is brought from abroad (South Korea), these copies are often equipped with a diesel engine  Z20D1 2.0 163 HP

Automatic and manual transmission for Chevrolet Orlando


Assembled in our factory, 1.8 engine kits can be equipped with a six-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. However, a completely reliable Chevrolet Orlando automatic transmission when operating with a full load of the passenger compartment reduces its service life, resulting in a breakdown of the Chevrolet Orlando automatic transmission. Which leaves the car owner with the choice of repairing or buying an automatic transmission assembly. You can find enough information on the Internet about all the positive aspects of buying a contract transmission and the negative domestic repairs.