Chevrolet Spark


A striking successor to the Daewoo Matiz, the compact Chevrolet Spark is a representative of the urban hatchback, which is very popular with drivers around the world. Overall dimensions and built-in options allow you to comfortably manage it in dense urban traffic. Motorists of the Russian Federation are familiar with the second and third generation Chevrolet Spark, which are improved modifications of the Daewoo Matiz. Italian auto designers worked on the appearance of the car, after which a panoramic roof appeared on the Spark, the appearance of the front and rear of the body changed. Despite the small dimensions, the car meets safety requirements, which is confirmed by crash testing. The total number of Sparks sold in European countries is 4% of the total number of cars sold by dealers of other manufacturers.

Chevrolet Spark engine

The 0.8-liter engine installed on the Matiz was improved by British engineers and made it possible to increase its main characteristics. On serial Chevrolet Spark models, 1.0 and 1.2 liter gasoline power units of various modifications and power are installed. Cars with sixteen-valve engines consuming natural liquefied gas are supplied to Italy. With any engine, Spark cannot be called a frisky car - it accelerates to hundreds in an average of 15 seconds. But the engine on the third-generation Chevrolet Spark easily meets Euro-5 environmental standards, emitting less than 120g of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

Chevrolet Spark automatic transmission

The compact hatchback Chevrolet Spark can be equipped with automatic and manual transmissions. Also, a variator is installed on limited series of cars. The three-speed automatic transmission on the Spark was replaced by a four-speed automatic transmission, which improved the dynamic performance of the car and reduced overall fuel consumption. For Russian motorists, cars with liter engines are available only with a manual gearbox. An informative clutch assembly and a clear gearshift mechanism installed by the manual transmission on the Spark allow you to move quite comfortably along city streets. Well-chosen gear ratios of the mechanics make it possible to somewhat compensate for the low power of a liter engine and make the car quite torquey.

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