Hyundai Sonata


Hyundai Sonata is a passenger car manufactured by the South Korean company Hyundai Motors. Throughout its history of production (since 1985), this car has been subjected to more than one design change, both external and internal. And if you put in one row, for comparison, the cars of the first generation and the last, it will be impossible to find anything in common between them. For years, Hyundai Motors engineers have been designing and developing time-appropriate design solutions and improving engine compartment units. It is far from a secret that Hyundai Motors, at the stage of its formation as an independent and independent concern, had close cooperation with Mitsubishi Motors. Cooperation was reduced to legal borrowing (on licensed rights) of power units. Here, the most striking example is the fact that a large number of Hyundai ICEs are very similar or made on the same platform as Mitsubishi engines.

The situation is similar with the Hyundai Sonata, which from the first years of production was equipped with engines and transmissions from a Japanese partner. At the moment, seven generations of Hyundai Sonata can be distinguished, which were equipped with engines from 1.6 to 3.3 liters with manual transmission.  Hyundai Sonata automatic  usually available as an option and not standard

engine for sonata

Second - Third generation 1988-1998
Fourth - Fifth generation 1999-2009


For the Russian market and sales in the CIS countries, it was decided to conclude an agreement for production in Russia by assembling car kits. As a result, the choice of management stopped at the domestic TAGAZ plant in Taganrog. Here, since 2002, the fourth-generation restyled Hyundai Sonata has rolled off the assembly line, better known in Russia as the Hyundai Sonata EF. Assembled from car kits supplied from Korea, cars with the following engine models were available for our buyer:

Sixth generation since 2009

These generations have also been assembled at the Taganrog plant in the Rostov region since 2005. For us, they are better known as Hyundai NF Hyundai Sonata NF, Sonata YF

Automatic transmission for Hyundai Sonata


The described car for its entire long history of production (1985-2013) was equipped with a manual transmission as the basic version.  Hyundai Sonata automatic  usually available as an additional option that the customer can get for a fee. Among the mechanics there are the following models: KM206, KM210. The Hyundai Sonata automatic transmission lineup looks much more diverse: F4A22, KM175, F4A42, F4A51, A4AF3, A5GF1, A5HF1, etc.

  • KM175
  • F4A42
Manual transmission mechanics on Hyundai Sonata
  • KM206
  • KM210
  • M5GF1