Kia Rio


Over the past couple of decades, the South Korean automotive market has made a significant qualitative leap on a global scale. The production of cars of such leading concerns as Hyundai / Kia Motors, General Motors represented by Daewoo / Chevrolet, SsangYong Motors was established in all countries of the world in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to this, we can observe on domestic roads a huge number of Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Daewoo and SangYeng cars assembled both at Russian automobile plants and at factories in the countries of the Union of Independent States (CIS).

One of the most popular and widespread vehicles that appeared on the Russian automotive market thanks to the developed South Korean auto industry is the Kia Rio. Kia Rio owes its fame primarily due to its focus on consumers with average incomes and the attractive qualities of a modern car. Also, a fairly significant contribution to the distribution of Kia Rio was made by the fact that the manufacturer offered a fairly large selection of Kia Rio trim levels.

In its entire history of production from 2000 to the present (2014), Kia Rio has radically updated its external and internal appearance 3 times. Each of the new generations of Kia Rio is more advanced and meets modern standards relative to the previous one, which is achieved through the constant work of engineers and developers of the Hyunda / Kia Motors Corporation. As mentioned above, not only the appearance of the car was changed, but also the engine compartment as well. As a result, the following power units are currently known to be installed as a Kia Rio engine

Engine Kia Rio 1 generation 2000-05:


Engine model A5D: gasoline 16 valve 1.5 liters.


The Kia Rio engines of the A5D model were developed on the same platform as the Kia Spectra S5D / S6D engines and are kind of analogues of each other. The difference between the A5D, S5D and S6D internal combustion engines lies in minor changes in the seats in the engine compartment, as well as in the first place, the conspicuous air filter box. Otherwise, the motors are varieties of each other, moreover, the same models of automatic transmission and manual transmission are also installed on them.


Engine Kia Rio 2 generation 2005-2011:

  • Petrol 1.4 -  G4EE 
  • Petrol 1.6 -  G4ED
  • Diesel 1.5 -  D4FA


Engine Kia Rio 3rd generation 2011- present:

  • Petrol 1.6 -  G4FC


Automatic and manual transmission for Kia Rio

Also, for greater popularity and convenience, it was decided  engine for kia rio  equip with automatic or manual transmission. There is a lot to learn about the device of which on the Internet. Because  Automatic transmission for Kia Rio  is not some kind of rare "beast", but is successfully used in many other cars. Over the entire history of production since 2000, some of the transmissions of this car have been replaced by others, more modern, delivering more convenience compared to their predecessors. Thus, there are two types  Automatic transmission for Kia Rio.

  • F4AEL
  • A4CF1/2