SsangYong Musso


The SsangYong Musso car is an all-terrain SUV. Which is achieved primarily due to the increased ground clearance, a strong body mounted on the frame, all-wheel drive and quite powerful power units. Among the latter, the following models should be singled out separately:

SsangYong Musso engine
  • Diesel 2.3 - 661
  • Diesel 2.9 - 662


The diesel line of engines, 2.3 and 2.9 liters, has established itself as the most successful, reliable and economical internal combustion engine. Their well-known kinship with Mercedes conveys to them all the positive qualities that the German automotive concern has managed to achieve since its inception.

Also, these engines were equipped with analogues of these machines, produced at the domestic automobile plant in the city of Taganrog-TAGAZ. That is why, if  buy engine TAGAZ partner  and try to compare it with the SsangYong Musso ICE, it will not be possible to find significant differences.

Such a car will be a real find for lovers of cross-country driving, distant wanderings or summer residents. After all, the various body options offered by SsangYong will certainly find their admirers.

Automatic transmission SsangYong Musso

Ssangeng Musso cars and its domestic copy Tagaz Partner, already in those distant years of production, were equipped with mechanical and automatic gearboxes. Among the machines, the most popular was the AT BTR74, manufactured by the Australian company and the smaller Mercedes.