Ssang Yong Rexton

Currently, the global automotive market is experiencing a significant increase in the popularity of cars produced by Korean auto concerns. Proof of this is the multiple increase in sales of cars from SsangYoung, namely the Rexton model, the reason for which, according to the creators themselves, is the use of the best parts and materials in the production process, making the Rexton not only functional and powerful, but also quite reliable SUV.

It is worth noting that over the past few years, Rexton has significantly changed its appearance, the reason for which is the restyling. Today's Rexton has a refined appearance, a comfortable and easy-to-clean interior, as well as high-quality lighting, the presence of which allows the driver to perfectly follow the road at night.

It is also impossible not to say that a stylish body kit made of plastic, front and rear bumpers, the color scheme of which fully matches the style of the car, as well as a well-designed, futuristic tailgate, form a single image of an expensive, elegant SUV that can not only amaze with its design, but also great to show themselves on the road.

Rexton engine.
  • Diesel 2.0 -  664
  • Diesel 2.7  -  665


We draw your attention to  engine for Rexton, namely:

  • ICE model 662 , with a working volume of 2.9 liters

It should be noted that the most popular  model 662 engine  with a volume of 2.9 liters, which, due to its efficiency, as well as sufficient power, is quite enough for both city driving and off-road combat. The 2.9 liter ICE is a third-generation engine equipped with a turbocharger, due to which the power of the 662 power unit has been increased to approximately 165 horsepower. According to the creators of the car, Rexton is equipped with the best engine, due to the presence of modern control systems, consumption control and Common Rail fuel injection, etc.

Automatic Rexton.
  • 4 stupas - BTR 74
  • 5 stupas -  MB R 1632710901


Another advantage of this car from Korean manufacturers is the presence of automatic transmissions such as  Btr 74. The gearbox allows not only to increase the level of comfort in driving, but also significantly reduce engine wear. Presently,  The Australian-made Btr 74 transmissions fitted to the Sang Yong Rexton are among the best of their kind.